Typography Portrait by Kethna & Alexis

typography portrait by Kethna

Today I want to salute two very talented designers/artists: Kethna and Alexis. These typographic portraits were created in ART1201C (Design Fundamentals). Students are required to treat text as a visual and open their imaginations to the possibilities of what typography can mean, rather than just words on a page.

Kethna created the above image. Using only type and effects, she was able to arrange and distort characters found on the keyboard into a likeness. The hairs are multiple parentheses, which she edited and changed using Adobe Illustrator.

Alexis created the image below. His portrait incorporated many words demonstrating multiple perspectives, which gives the feeling of depth on a two-dimensional plane.

Excellent job. Only a few weeks ago, you had never used Adobe Illustrator but look at you now. Brilliant!


typography portrait by Alexis

Music Fest Poster and Ticket

Professor Victoria Martin student designs

This project is from Graphic Design 1. The students were asked to create a poster with dream musical line up  for a south Florida music festival. This work is by Gregory, who is an exceptionally talented designer. While in college we got him placed in an internship and he’s been working professionally ever since. Great work Gregory. You never fail to impress us all.