Thousand Oaks

mass shooting tribute

Felt compelled to do something. So I sat down a started drawing.

It was college night and it makes me think of the students who arrive at my classroom. Send the world some love.

Student Feature: Gustav

This morning I would like to give a shout out to yet another talented design student here at Palm Beach State; say hello to Gustav. These pieces were created as self promotional work in my Design Fundamentals class. Gustav has only just started but I can already see a style emerging in his work. Can you?

Colorful celebrity Pop Posters. He is all about color. I can already see a strength with composition. Look at the balance in each piece. See how Gustav uses color and line to move your eye. These pieces are electric. Just the right balance of dynamic color and neutral.

I consider myself lucky having students like Gustav in my classroom. Your work inspires other students and you demonstrate how effortless good design can be. Well done!

In Class Demos: Character Design

When students have a reference point to start a project, it makes things easier. Two weeks ago  I started a digital painting in class and last week I demonstrated how to convert that artwork into a book jacket, poster and website. By no means are they polished but each provides my students with a clear example of expectations.

When you are a designer, especially if doing corporate work there is a lot of rearranging content in different ways. It isn’t unreasonable that you create a vertical that needs to be in a square frame or wide screen. Or consider a responsive web design. Desktop view, tablet and a vertical mobile design.

I also demonstrated how the color of a typeface effects how readable it is. We also discussed the differences between serif, sans serif, body type and display type. Different font families all have different purposes and applications.

And most importantly, I demonstrated why type shouldn’t be set in Photoshop. Vector programs (Illustrator and Indesign) are much better suited.