Old Corporate Work

Today I dusted off an ancient hard drive and found these images. They are from my days in the corporate world where I served as graphic designer for 600+ Realtors. I would hit the ground running every single day. I built A LOT of templates for the agents. The templates were then uploaded to print companies and the agents could slug in their content. I tell my students stories of standing at the copy machine staring out the window being jealous of the birds that flew by. I was a bird in a cage.

Working for a company does have its perks; health benefits, stability, work is dumped on your desk daily and you don’t have to search for clients. The downside was rearranging the same logo and colors can be tedious. It has to be safe design. No reinventing the wheel. But I am really happy and consider myself fortunate to have had the experience.

PSA Designs

It’s important that artists and designers realize the potential they have to change the world. We’ve all seen PSA’s (public service announcements) reminding us to drive safely, to not do drugs and to put our phones away while behind the wheel of our car.

student work: PSA text and drive

The example above is from my design fundamentals class and was made by the multi talented Tiana. (who has graduated and is currently earning a Master’s of Fine Arts and I pray I can hire her when she is finished)

Students are asked to find a cause and create no less than 3 designs to educate the public.

Students have to research the topic and find statistics on that subject. Those stats will become the typography in their poster designs.

professor martin anti smoking

The piece above was created by Chris and was submitted to the Great American Cold Turkey Day (anti-smoking) campaign and I am proud to say his design won first place.

Professor Martin design fundamentals

And the graphic above was created by Christine. The simplicity, typography, color, and use of a visual substitution (ie. the cigarette for the letter i). It just pops. And it serves as a great reminder that negative space and simplicity can speak volumes.

Music Fest Poster and Ticket

Professor Victoria Martin student designs

This project is from Graphic Design 1. The students were asked to create a poster with dream musical line up  for a south Florida music festival. This work is by Gregory, who is an exceptionally talented designer. While in college we got him placed in an internship and he’s been working professionally ever since. Great work Gregory. You never fail to impress us all.