Art Palm Beach Posters

So while I was cleaning my desktop I came across these posters from 2 years ago and I just go so excited I said “Vic… post ’em”. These pieces were made in my Photoshop class and I had asked my students to create posters for Art Palm Beach and once again my talented kids came through!

Professor Victoria Martin Palm Beach State College

The image aboveĀ  was the grand prize winner. This piece is inspired by Chuck Close and was created by Laura (who just had a baby!!) Congratulations Laura!

The image immediately below was digitally painted by David. He was inspired by the digital artist Ray Caesar.

student painting Professor Victoria Martin
student painting Professor Victoria Martin

This glorious piece was created by Megan. She was inspired by Mucha. Funny enough I showed this piece to my current photoshop class and a student asked “is that a portrait of Megan?” So, well done Megan, you created a fabulous self portrait.

And last but not least, this piece was created by Luis. I love this piece because of the simplicity. Sometimes we fuss and stress over compositions when the best solution is to not over complicate.