Typography: Grid

student work of Professor Victoria Martin
Professor Victoria Martin Palm Beach State College, graphic design student work

Today I would like to share work from my Typography class. The assignment was to create a double-page spread based on the grid. Above you will see images created by Lorena. Fantastic job of intertwining type and graphic. The limited palette keeps things from being over complicated. And Lorena knows that mock-ups of your projects can make clients feel they are real-world assignments.

Below are examples created by Stacy. The composition with red text has a fantastic hierarchy. The deep red verbiage pops out while the lower opacity red image takes a back seat, and I enjoy how she rotated the word arts. The blue version uses color efficiently. Text and image play in harmony on the page.

Professor Victoria Martin student work
Professor Victoria Martin's student work


Today I wanted to post a couple of pieces from Typography class. This is the Five Classifications of Type assignment where students have to create a poster for Old Style, Transitional, Modern, Sans Serif and Slab Serif typefaces. The first two pieces were created by Lorena, and the second was created by Kelly. Great job ladies. Keep up the fantastic work.

Century- student typography Professor Victoria Martin
Century- student typography Professor Victoria Martin
Garamond- student typography Professor Victoria Martin

A Present from Steven

If you have been in my office you may have  noticed the little owl painting below. It was a gift from a student Steven M. and I just adore it. It’s a lovely little watercolor he created in Painting class. When he graduated he gave it to me as an appreciation of thanks. He knows I am inspired by nature.

A lovely gift from a lovely person. Thank you Steven. My little owl is still there watching over me.

Victoria Martin's student watercolor
Victoria Martin's student watercolor

Traditional Painting: Brooke

It’s the best when  students  think creatively. The student featured in this post is Brooke. She has a great imagination and the skills to back it up. The work below was created in Painting  and Digital Imagery for the Fine Artist.

professor Victoria Martin painting student

My job is to teach students skills, to ask them to think critically and perhaps view things in ways they had not before. Always doing my best to expose students to artists or art movements they may not be aware of. It’s important to be exposed to art and all of humanities and world history can provide a glimpse into why artists were doing what they were doing. So enjoy the paintings and bask in the glorious magic found in Brooke’s work.

professor Victoria Martin painting student