Mountain Man by Yaritza

Mountain man by Yaritza, student of Professor VIctoria Martin, Palm Beach State College

Yaritza created this fabulous work of art, and its title is the mountain man. Isn’t he beautiful?

Yes, he is.

Yaritza is a fine artist who wanted to learn Photoshop because she realizes it’s so crucial for artists to know how to self promote and create digital artwork.  I mean, do you want to have to pay someone to create pieces for you, or would you like to know how to do it yourself? (I am a cheap-skate. Pocket the cash people!)
The colors, composition, and subject matter have a genuinely ethereal quality. Fabulous job, Yaritza. Keep going with the Photoshop work; you are amazingly talented and splendid things lay ahead in your artistic future.

Digital Painting by Crystal M

student work Professor Victoria Martin

Today I would like to share a work of art created by the incredibly talented Crystal M. Believe it or not, this painting was Crystal’s first attempt at painting, and I would like to tell her that it shouldn’t be her last. Pablo Picasso and Cubism inspired Crystal’s portrait of the artist Frida Kahlo.
The blending of two separate faces, the colors, and composition all make this an incredibly well-executed work of art.

If you like art and painting, and even if you think you’d be no good at it, you should consider registering for one of my Photoshop classes.

Student Feature: Joscheb

Today I would like to give a well deserved shout out to a super talented photographer and digital artist who just happens to be one of my students: Joscheb. He created the pieces below for my Digital Imagery for the Fine Artist class this semester. The image below was a digital collage and Joscheb a very gifted photographer used his own images. He made a composition and then we flip the work horizontally so it read backwards. The piece was printed to be used as an  image transfer. However, when we saw the work flipped; we flipped too! We loved it. His use of scale and color lead the eye through the composition.

professor victoria martin student work
professor victoria martin student work

The image above was also created by Joscheb. This is a traditional painting on top of one of his photographs. Being a fine artist I wanted to challenge the student to try new and different things. The brush work is so energetic. And just as an FYI: he used the background texture from this painting in the image above (he adjusted the colors and scale in Photoshop). So the next time you are working on a piece look to see what you can recycle in your work. Well done Joscheb and keep up the good work.

In Class Demos: Character Design

When students have a reference point to start a project, it makes things easier. Two weeks ago  I started a digital painting in class and last week I demonstrated how to convert that artwork into a book jacket, poster and website. By no means are they polished but each provides my students with a clear example of expectations.

When you are a designer, especially if doing corporate work there is a lot of rearranging content in different ways. It isn’t unreasonable that you create a vertical that needs to be in a square frame or wide screen. Or consider a responsive web design. Desktop view, tablet and a vertical mobile design.

I also demonstrated how the color of a typeface effects how readable it is. We also discussed the differences between serif, sans serif, body type and display type. Different font families all have different purposes and applications.

And most importantly, I demonstrated why type shouldn’t be set in Photoshop. Vector programs (Illustrator and Indesign) are much better suited.