Salute to Ian M.

photoshop pieces created by Ian

These pieces were created by Ian, who is enrolled in my Photoshop 2 course here at Palm Beach State, Lake Worth. Each of these pieces is impeccable.

What makes them powerful is the use of scale to alter the way we view things. A shark fin becomes even scarier, and from a cave, a gigantic eyeball stares back at the viewer.

Well done, Ian, keep up the excellent work.

student photoshop work created by Ian
Ian Photoshop

Student Feature: Gustav

This morning I would like to give a shout out to yet another talented design student here at Palm Beach State; say hello to Gustav. These pieces were created as self promotional work in my Design Fundamentals class. Gustav has only just started but I can already see a style emerging in his work. Can you?

Colorful celebrity Pop Posters. He is all about color. I can already see a strength with composition. Look at the balance in each piece. See how Gustav uses color and line to move your eye. These pieces are electric. Just the right balance of dynamic color and neutral.

I consider myself lucky having students like Gustav in my classroom. Your work inspires other students and you demonstrate how effortless good design can be. Well done!

PSA Designs

It’s important that artists and designers realize the potential they have to change the world. We’ve all seen PSA’s (public service announcements) reminding us to drive safely, to not do drugs and to put our phones away while behind the wheel of our car.

student work: PSA text and drive

The example above is from my design fundamentals class and was made by the multi talented Tiana. (who has graduated and is currently earning a Master’s of Fine Arts and I pray I can hire her when she is finished)

Students are asked to find a cause and create no less than 3 designs to educate the public.

Students have to research the topic and find statistics on that subject. Those stats will become the typography in their poster designs.

professor martin anti smoking

The piece above was created by Chris and was submitted to the Great American Cold Turkey Day (anti-smoking) campaign and I am proud to say his design won first place.

Professor Martin design fundamentals

And the graphic above was created by Christine. The simplicity, typography, color, and use of a visual substitution (ie. the cigarette for the letter i). It just pops. And it serves as a great reminder that negative space and simplicity can speak volumes.