Hannah’s Branding

student work of Professor Victoria Rose Martin

This fabulous campaign was created by Hannah. This girl is amazing. She created color studies, logo studies, and after researching the market came up with a custom marketing kit for a company. She’s just landed her first job in the industry and I know she’s going to be a great asset to any company. Great job Hannah.

Recent Projects

Recent Projects

What have you been up to?

Last week I was a  busy girl.  Do you ever have those weeks where it seems like you turn around and there is another deadline on your desk?

Not complaining. Honestly. I do love it.  Totally and completely. I kind of enjoy working under a little pressure. Are you the same? Deadline is something I take very seriously. And let’s face it, anyone can be replaced and you will be if you don’t get camera ready work submitted on time. I often tell my students that class time is not all that different from work time. Consider me your boss. We are an Ad Agency. Crit day is deadline. When you are late in class you hurt your grade. When you’re late in a newspaper or magazine… you cost your boss  money and probably your job.

Be true to your work. Do what you say you are going to do and if you can’t, look for a really talented classmate who wants to make some money. (or student) As artists and designers, networking is super important.

Outside double gate fold brochure
Insdie double gate fold brochure

Above is a poster that included the entire season.

Vertical postcard front 6 x 9
Back of postcard, mailer

Old Corporate Work

Today I dusted off an ancient hard drive and found these images. They are from my days in the corporate world where I served as graphic designer for 600+ Realtors. I would hit the ground running every single day. I built A LOT of templates for the agents. The templates were then uploaded to print companies and the agents could slug in their content. I tell my students stories of standing at the copy machine staring out the window being jealous of the birds that flew by. I was a bird in a cage.

Working for a company does have its perks; health benefits, stability, work is dumped on your desk daily and you don’t have to search for clients. The downside was rearranging the same logo and colors can be tedious. It has to be safe design. No reinventing the wheel. But I am really happy and consider myself fortunate to have had the experience.