Mountain Man by Yaritza

Mountain man by Yaritza, student of Professor VIctoria Martin, Palm Beach State College

Yaritza created this fabulous work of art, and its title is the mountain man. Isn’t he beautiful?

Yes, he is.

Yaritza is a fine artist who wanted to learn Photoshop because she realizes it’s so crucial for artists to know how to self promote and create digital artwork.  I mean, do you want to have to pay someone to create pieces for you, or would you like to know how to do it yourself? (I am a cheap-skate. Pocket the cash people!)
The colors, composition, and subject matter have a genuinely ethereal quality. Fabulous job, Yaritza. Keep going with the Photoshop work; you are amazingly talented and splendid things lay ahead in your artistic future.

Digital Painting by Crystal M

student work Professor Victoria Martin

Today I would like to share a work of art created by the incredibly talented Crystal M. Believe it or not, this painting was Crystal’s first attempt at painting, and I would like to tell her that it shouldn’t be her last. Pablo Picasso and Cubism inspired Crystal’s portrait of the artist Frida Kahlo.
The blending of two separate faces, the colors, and composition all make this an incredibly well-executed work of art.

If you like art and painting, and even if you think you’d be no good at it, you should consider registering for one of my Photoshop classes.

Feature Student: Rachelle

 I would like to share the work of another talented student: Rachelle. Today we had our critique in Photoshop 1. The students had to create a character and side kick/ villian, etc. After they completed the artwork the students had to create a book jacket (which has to be printed and fit onto an actual book). The students measure a book they own and set up their document to fit that individual book.  During crit student pass their books around the room so their classmates can appreciate the craftsmanship.

Next: the book has just gotten a movie deal. So they have to create a movie poster. And of course we know all movies advertise and have big splashy marketing campaigns. So the students also had to create no less than 2 swag pieces and a website mock up.

Rachelle painted her own face with body paint, photographed herself and then edited those photos in Photoshop.

As designers we often have to reshuffle artwork for different applications and media. Well done Rachelle.

professor victoria martin students work
professor victoria martin students work
professor victoria martin students work
professor victoria martin students work
professor victoria martin students work

Featured Student: Kacy

Today I would like to give a shout out to Kacy, an extremely talented student . Please take a minute and  view Kacy’s work on Instagram @kacydesign. The following pieces were created in my Graphic Design 2 class this semester.



professor victoria martin student work
professor victoria martin student work

Above are images created for the Olympic Mascot competition.  Students had to research Chinese culture and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. These creatures are cheeky and sweet enough to pinch!

The image above was created in Digital Imagery for the Fine Artist and is a work in progress. It’s a digital painting (created in Photoshop) of Frida Kahlo and is inspired by the artist Shepard Fairey’s style. It’s bold and brave just like Kacy and Frida. The image below was  created as an illustration for a children’s book.

And seriously, check out those sketchbook pages. To any other professors out there, this girl is a dream. Always drawing in her sketchbook.

Kacy has a great eye for design and a lovely warm feel to her work. If you visit her on Instagram tell her that she needs to get her work into the hands of companies in need of top notch illustrators. She should be working in the industry. Such talent. Well done Kacy. Thanks for making my job a dream.

professor victoria martin student work
professor victoria martin student work