Professor Martin’s student Steven

This incredible bit of design magic belongs recent Palm Beach State graduate Steven. Let me say that Steven is multi talented. He paints traditionally, digitally, sculpts, and can design just about everything.

This artwork was part of Photoshop 1 class. Students had to create characters for a video game and then design all marketing including box design for game. The Power Rangers piece was just for fun because he was inspired. All from scratch. Brilliant.


Graphic Design Student Gigi

This group of images was created by graphic design student Gigi.

The students had to create a branding packet for a city tourism agency. Students all designed a logo, responsive website UI, business cards, French fold brochure and SWAG pieces.

Let’s introduce you to a design student…

This is the spot where I hope to post images of great student work. This post features a digital painting by one of my very talented students named Leslie. When I first hand a graphic tablet to the students, sometimes they set it to the side just after a few minutes. That’s what Leslie did day one. Day two I slid it across her desk with a big cheesy grin. I am happy to say that she and the tablet bonded. She has a great future ahead of her. Leslie plans on transferring to UCF or UF. Good Luck Leslie.

student work: Professor Victoria Martin. Palm Beach State College, Art and Graphic Design