Midnight Sun Festival: Community Project

Professor Victoria Martin _ student work, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth

I believe in giving back to the community. At the start of the term I try to reach out to people/businesses in the community who could use a little design help. Here are a few design pieces from a student named Alyssa. While her choices were not the final picks for the event, I personally really liked them.


Professor Victoria Martin _ student work, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth

Ironically, Lake Worth, Florida has one of the largest Finnish populations outside of Finland. Federal Highway in Lake Worth is dotted with Finland inspired hotels.  And can I add, if you haven’t ever seen a wife carrying contest… you don’t know what you are missing.

See the video at the bottom of the page. Or Google. Trust me… you’ll laugh or gasp.


Professor Victoria Martin _ student work, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth
Professor Victoria Martin _ student work, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth
Professor Victoria Martin _ student work, Palm Beach State College, Lake Worth

Alyssa’s work is colorful and radiates warmth. And the idea of making pins for the entry pass is a great way to invite the public to keep them as a souvenir.

CGTrader’s Contest: Student Work

It’s very important that artists and designers participate in critique; whether it’s in the classroom or in world where we live. The following images are student entries in the CGTraders Contest.

Professor Martin:

Part of the assignment is coming up with a concept based on the themes. The students were also required to build a website or Behance page.

Professor Martin Student work

This gorgeous piece was created by Kacy. It’s from scratch (no photos) painted in Photoshop with a Wacom tablet.

student work

Above is another entry created by Roshina and the image below by Paul. Each are so different and beautiful in their own way. My fingers are crossed. Best of luck guys, you should be proud of being accepted!

PSA Designs

It’s important that artists and designers realize the potential they have to change the world. We’ve all seen PSA’s (public service announcements) reminding us to drive safely, to not do drugs and to put our phones away while behind the wheel of our car.

student work: PSA text and drive

The example above is from my design fundamentals class and was made by the multi talented Tiana. (who has graduated and is currently earning a Master’s of Fine Arts and I pray I can hire her when she is finished)

Students are asked to find a cause and create no less than 3 designs to educate the public.

Students have to research the topic and find statistics on that subject. Those stats will become the typography in their poster designs.

professor martin anti smoking

The piece above was created by Chris and was submitted to the Great American Cold Turkey Day (anti-smoking) campaign and I am proud to say his design won first place.

Professor Martin design fundamentals

And the graphic above was created by Christine. The simplicity, typography, color, and use of a visual substitution (ie. the cigarette for the letter i). It just pops. And it serves as a great reminder that negative space and simplicity can speak volumes.

Student Work: Shepard Fairey Inspired

This post features examples of student work based on my Shepard Fairey inspired project. We go over editing the photos so they pop, and have high contrast. And then we break down the parts that the artist employs in his compositions.

Student work of professor Victoria Martin

Some students stick to Shepard Fairey’s style more than others. The two images above were created by Rianne and Rey.

In Rianne’s composition she edited a photo of Uma Therman so it had very high contrast. She added noise and distress so it felt like a paste up and then chose an analogous color palette.

While on the right Rey combined digital painting with drawings taken from his own sketchbook.

The two images above were created by Steven and Roi for the same project.

Steven  (left) chose a character from the British tv show Top Gear and of the four examples probably stayed closest to Fairey’s style. I really like how he incorporated the typography into the overall design.

The red composition on the right screams high energy. Roi used found images and created patterns in Photoshop and Illustrator. While the wolf heads read almost low resolution because of the rough edges, I think it works because it adds texture to an otherwise flat work of art. It almost feels like embroidery and adds a “homey” quality. Almost feminine.

Amplifier Art Projects

And if you are interested, Shepard Fairey has a project called Amplifier Art. As you know artists can have a powerful voice. Visit their website to see their latest call outs. And if you are a teacher they have free downloads for the classroom.