Character Design Illustrations

Book illustration by Anabel, for Professor Victoria Martin's Publication Design Course

The illustration above was created by Anabel for my Photoshop 1 class, Fall 23. The assignment involves students creating a character  design. This is Anabel’s portfolio cover page for the asisgnment. I blurred her last name for privacy concerns. The students illustrate a book cover and accompanying movie artwork. She’s incredibly talented and inspiring to all of those around her. As well as being a really nice person.

Anabel's book jacket and merch for Character design assignment for Professor Victoria Martin

Lifeguard Stand by Ivy

student work professor victoria Martin

I just realized how long it had been since my last post.

I wanted to share this piece by the very talented Ivy. This assignment was to create a South Florida lifeguard stand. It’s one of my favorite student pieces from Fall 23 term. It was created using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Below is her submission for the sketchbook project. Traditional sketch alongside the digital final. Thanks for being such a joy to instruct, and such an inspiration to teach.

Frida Brooch

Frida brooch by Victoria Rose Martin

Today I thought I would share a little pin/brooch I made (for a change). There are so many ways to be creative. This pin measures about 4.5 inches. A mini oil painting, embroidered, and beaded.

When I spend too much time on the computers I enjoy doing something that gets my hands dirty. And I like creating things for me, instead of clients.

I created a series of these brooches in honor of the 100th anniversary of women having the right to vote. There are people out there putting up hurdles to try and take that right away. Don’t  waste your right to vote. Don’t like the government? You really cannot complain if you do not vote.  Remember, some of our grandmothers died fighting for their rights.

Now go and make something you are passionate about.

A Present from Steven

If you have been in my office you may have  noticed the little owl painting below. It was a gift from a student Steven M. and I just adore it. It’s a lovely little watercolor he created in Painting class. When he graduated he gave it to me as an appreciation of thanks. He knows I am inspired by nature.

A lovely gift from a lovely person. Thank you Steven. My little owl is still there watching over me.

Victoria Martin's student watercolor
Victoria Martin's student watercolor