Hannah’s Branding

student work of Professor Victoria Rose Martin

This fabulous campaign was created by Hannah. This girl is amazing. She created color studies, logo studies, and after researching the market came up with a custom marketing kit for a company. She’s just landed her first job in the industry and I know she’s going to be a great asset to any company. Great job Hannah.

Character Design Illustrations

Book illustration by Anabel, for Professor Victoria Martin's Publication Design Course

The illustration above was created by Anabel for my Photoshop 1 class, Fall 23. The assignment involves students creating a character  design. This is Anabel’s portfolio cover page for the asisgnment. I blurred her last name for privacy concerns. The students illustrate a book cover and accompanying movie artwork. She’s incredibly talented and inspiring to all of those around her. As well as being a really nice person.

Anabel's book jacket and merch for Character design assignment for Professor Victoria Martin

A Present from Steven

If you have been in my office you may have  noticed the little owl painting below. It was a gift from a student Steven M. and I just adore it. It’s a lovely little watercolor he created in Painting class. When he graduated he gave it to me as an appreciation of thanks. He knows I am inspired by nature.

A lovely gift from a lovely person. Thank you Steven. My little owl is still there watching over me.

Victoria Martin's student watercolor
Victoria Martin's student watercolor

Tri-fold Design by Romana

tri-fold brochure by design student Romana

 How may tri-folds have you laid your eyes upon only to recoil in disgust? Too many, I know… But not today boys and girls. I have a real beauty to share with you. Oh how  I love to assign a tri-fold brochure to beginning design students. What a challenge they can be. Long vertical panels, how do the sections relate? And do you know how many students forget double sided? And you’d be surprise how many forget that they are two sided. Would you use color, image, type or all of the above to unify your design? Check out Romana’s design. She is new to design but from the looks of this layout she has a very successful design future ahead of her. Great job and keep up the fabulous work.

How I love to assign a tri-fold brochure to beginning design students.