Design Student Jessica V

Today’s shout out is Graphic Design student Jessica V.¬† The first day of class this young lady had never used any of the Adobe software, but she had a sketchbook and she could sketch concepts. We took her amazing sketches, scanned them in and she began recreating the artwork on the computer using either Illustrator or Photoshop. How incredible is her work??! Seriously, watch this girl because¬† if she’s this good just out the gate, imagine when she perfects all of the tools available to her.

She’s a great example of the importance of keeping a sketchbook and concept. She had the ideas, which is the most important part. The computer is just another tool. I mean how many people own Adobe software? How many can do this? Jessica, you don’t even know how talented you are! Well done!

Chipp Kidd poster by design student Jessica V
busines card sample by design student Jessica V

I blurred out the phone number on the business card in the event it was the student’s. Please excuse the blur, but you can still see her lovely designs. As you enjoy the typography on the image below, remember she drew that idea in her sketchbook and only refined on the computer.

ad for bakery by design student Jessica V
custom shopping bag design by Jessica V