Keeping A Sketchbook

Student Sketchbook

Art student Vivian

Every great project starts with a concept. Keeping a sketchbook helps with developing ideas whether you are a graphic designer or a fine artist. These random sketchbook pages belong to Vivian. Do you know that I still have my sketchbooks from undergraduate study (20+ years ago), all of the way to today? The pages in each book are akin to a time capsule and can be a great resource.

Every once in awhile I will pull the basket full of books off the shelf and go through the pages in each one. There are kernels of ideas that I sometimes use today. It’s as if I am looking at the ideas of another person because the concepts areĀ  now so far removed from my reality today.

Don’t worry if you think you don’t draw well, because we all know that practice makes perfect. And sketchbooks are for hatching ideas, not perfection.