Today: Maggie Taylor Inspired ads

Today  my design fundamental students create their first  ads. This assignment is based on Maggie Taylor’s wide portfolio. She was an early pioneer of Photoshop/Fine Art and if you ever saw the opening intro to the show The Ghost Whisperer, that was Maggie’s work. Her work is rather surreal with a slightly creepy edge to it, so you know I am loving that. 

Below are examples I will be showing to my class today and they are from last semester. Each one uses big bold clean imagery. The students were asked to find typefaces (where applicable) that match the television show. No stealing somebody else’s art from the internet. Date and time with affiliate logos. As you view the work, note how your eye travels across the page.

Do you have a favorite? Ask yourself why? And then go sketch something.

And if you’re saying to yourself… these seem really good for first ads… let me explain. Here at Palm Beach State we offer an AS degree in Graphic Design. It’s a 2 years degree so it’s really important we get the students up and running as soon as we can. Design is always the root, along with strong concepts no matter which course you take.