Beam Me Up: Close Encounter Movie Poster

Do you like Star Trek? Do you know what a Tractor Beam and a Captain’s Log are? Me too.¬†

With this project  the students had to digitally paint a character and then turn it into a movie poster.

Professor Victoria Martin student work

These pieces are from my Photoshop 1 class. The students have to use at least 5 images and seamlessly join. The piece was created by Steven. The light effects are simply electric.

The image above was created by Desiree. I like the glow she applied to the text so it feels like toxic neon. And yes, the students had to have some sort of light effect in their composition.

This image was created by Zachary. Seriously, if you saw this poster on Netflix, you’d watch wouldn’t you? (Actually, I would watch all of these based on the poster design)

That slight blur on the type, subtle and quite lovely. As I have said… I am really lucky to be surrounded by so many talented people.