Graphic Design Student Gigi

This group of images was created by graphic design student Gigi.

The students had to create a branding packet for a city tourism agency. Students all designed a logo, responsive website UI, business cards, French fold brochure and SWAG pieces.

Let’s introduce you to a design student…

This is the spot where I hope to post images of great student work. This post features a digital painting by one of my very talented students named Leslie. When I first hand a graphic tablet to the students, sometimes they set it to the side just after a few minutes. That’s what Leslie did day one. Day two I slid it across her desk with a big cheesy grin. I am happy to say that she and the tablet bonded. She has a great future ahead of her. Leslie plans on transferring to UCF or UF. Good Luck Leslie.

student work: Professor Victoria Martin. Palm Beach State College, Art and Graphic Design