Illustrations for Picture Book

book illustration student project

Today I would like to show you the illustrations created by Victoria G. a very talented student from my publication design class here at Palm Beach State College. For this project students had to pick a short story, illustrate and lay it out as a book. 

The typography on the cover has a wonderful feel very akin to Victorian cameos.

book illustration student project
book illustration student project

The silhouetted images and layers of grey almost give a feel of hand cut paper.  The book has  warmth, a weave of textures and layers that engage me and entice me to keep flipping through the pages.  Nicely done Victoria, keep up the good work.

Design for Good: student Laura DLT

design for good student project

Design for Good is a campaign developed by the AIGA to demonstrate how designers can use their voice for change or the greater good. Today I am posting  a thoughtful example of a student project from Graphic Design 2 which I feel captured the purpose of the design brief.  The incredibly talented Laura chose to support Feeding America. Rather than creating a whole lot of “fluff” with no real purpose, she designed pieces that could help the organization gather food for in the community.

The image above shows maquettes created for the critique (they were very well received by the entire class). The design on the left is meant to be a donation box so people wishing to help feed the hungry can deposit food items. The bag to the right can also be filled with smaller amounts of food. This is design with a purpose. A question often asked of my students is how do you make pieces that matter? How do you stop the recipient from tossing the things you created into the trash bin? Quick answer, you can give designs a purpose and you can make them beautiful. Too often designers just want to create pretty things with no set purpose. Remember, always ask yourself what the client does and which design pieces best help them to achieve that task.

student project design for good, Professor Victoria Martin

Laura researched the statistics on those who are food insecure and created illustrations to accompany boxes for different demographics/communities. Note the call to action on the donation box: Donate Now.

Above demonstrates how her designs could be used on box trucks and the image below is a detail of a brochure or flyer that explains who is and how the community is being helped.

student project design for good, Professor Victoria Martin

Each piece is so thoughtful. The entire campaign demonstrates how Laura thought critically with regards to each concept. Laura also stayed true to the company branding. Great job.

Apple Ad

graphic design specimen sheet

Today I would like  to talk about branding. We hear a lot about it, but what is it? The dictionary describes branding as “the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design”. Companies try to create a name, logos, designs, and use particular colors so they are easily recognized by their audience.

My graphic design 2 students were asked to re-brand the Lake Worth CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) and I would like to present one successful example. Above we have a specimen sheet that displays the concepts for a logo,  and variants, typography and colors. It’s important that a company marketing team specify the guidelines for usage. For example: Coca Cola has their distinctive typeface and red color (no PMS number on their red) or Tiffany has their distinctive robin’s egg blue PMS 1837 (the year the company was founded). When you see those colors your mind is conditioned to think that product.

And if for a moment please allow me to geek out just a little… Palm Beach State’s PMS color is 561… the very same as our telephone area code. Good Lord, it makes me smile every time I see it! I will have to find out one day if that was intentional or a happy accident.

the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising and distinctive design.

Great job on these pieces Ms. Costa. The use of mock-ups, attention to detail, and using  actual photographs from Lake Worth make your pieces feel connected to the area. .

Digital Character Illustrations

More  beautiful artwork created by yet another talented student. The students had to create an illustration of a character and a sidekick. Nic created two of each. The student had to create a book cover, movie poster and other marketing pieces that were based on the illustrations.

illustration student work: Palm Beach State, Professor Victoria Martin

She started out with a photo based version and then decided to create artwork in a more comic book style. Below is the cover for her comic book.

illustration student work: Palm Beach State, Professor Victoria Martin

I really feel she nailed it with the colors. They feel very Marvel. And I enjoy the use of line. And I am left asking myself why the cat feel so perfect with his mask?

She even created a logo which feature the cat and put in on a t-shirt mock up. It’s a well thought project. She started with a great concept and allowed the project to evolve into something more. Great job Nic.

illustration student work: Palm Beach State, Professor Victoria Martin