Design Student Jessica V

Today’s shout out is Graphic Design student Jessica V.  The first day of class this young lady had never used any of the Adobe software, but she had a sketchbook and she could sketch concepts. We took her nice sketches and we scanned them in and she began recreating the artwork on the computer using either Illustrator or Photoshop. How incredible is her work! Watch this girl. If she’s this good out the gate, imagine when she perfects all of the tools available to her.

Jessica, you don’t even know how talented you are! Well done!

Chipp Kidd poster by design student Jessica V
busines card sample by design student Jessica V

I blurred out the phone number on the business card in the event it was the student’s. Please excuse the blur, but you can still see her lovely designs.

ad for bakery by design student Jessica V
custom shopping bag design by Jessica V

Graphic Design Student: Michaela

Chipp Kidd poster by design student Michaela

Today I want to share a double page layout created by Michaela a gifted  Graphic Design 1 student.

The students had to pick a graphic designer of historical significance and research who they were and their style. Michaela created a really cool double page using a limited color palette and clever image editing.  If you know anything about Chip Kidd, you will recognize the tribute to his iconic round glasses. Very well done Michaela, you are a very gifted young designer, keep up the fabulous work.

Magazine Cover and Double Page Spread

The work below was created in Photoshop 2, spring term by Rachele. She’s an all around threat being a gifted designer and photographer. Rachele created the cover art by setting up a photo shoot, using a Sony A6000 camera.

professor Victoria Martin student work

The images were then put into Photoshop where she did things such as; boosting color, contrast and adding a little blur. She kept the same subject matter for the interior ‘feature story’ photographing her model in sort of a “Mad Men” style.

The student then had to set their art using Indesign and layout their typography. It is my hope that Racelle actually submits her jaw dropping beautiful work  to Jute magazine. Well done once again, my dear.

professor Victoria Martin student work

Design Fundamentals: Apple Ads

These images are from my Design Fundamentals class. The assignment was to create ads for Apple or other computer/phone/tech company.

The first two images were created by Jinie an absolute natural when it comes to digital painting. She used a Wacom tablet and photoshop. Great type choices and composition. The use of a halftone pattern ads nice texture to the yellow image.

And the little cartoon images in the BT21 advertisement were also hand drawn by Jinie using Photoshop.

professor Victoria Martin student work
professor Victoria Martin student work
professor Victoria Martin student work

And the lovely beachy image above was created by Elia. She used a photo of friends at the beach and painted the surface  with a white brush in Photoshop.

And the image below was created by May.  I thought I would let you know that May was not going to show this piece for critique because she felt it wasn’t in her words “good enough”. Of course I disagreed and May begrudgingly included the Apple ad in her portfolio. The entire class chose it as one of their favorites. So, my message to you is if you do the work; show the work.  Ask trusted friends what they think about your designs. Sometimes the piece you feel isn’t the best may connect with others. Great job ladies.

professor Victoria Martin student work